Star Awards 2015 – Paige Chua: Max Mara Hot Pink Taffeta Skirt

Since I could not find the top online, I will be rating this outfit as a whole. Just to get this out there though, if I was rating Paige Chua‘s no shoulder top and the skirt separately, they would look good in my opinion but they don’t go together well. The Max Mara Hot Pink Taffeta Skirt looks a lot like a hanbok and that’s fine, but the black top makes the whole thing look out of place. The dress also looks worn higher up compared to how most people would wear it. I do however like the lining of the whole thing and the zip closure is not even noticeable or seen for that matter, plus the whole lighting makes the dress look hot pink when it could just be regular pink, like this version sort of.

Rating: Average

Source: (left picture)

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