Star Awards 2015 – Aileen Tan: Lavender Dress

This was probably one of the hardest outfits to find because it doesn’t seem like any of the main Instagram accounts or Singapore fashion sites knew where this came from, but one of the best things about these Singaporean celebrities is the interaction among fans and Aileen Tan confirmed where the dress came from in one of her Instagram comments! I always try to write at least one piece on each actress that was present in the event even if their outfit came from a local source. If you want to know more about this Singaporean-based shop which specializes in customizable dresses, then check out their Facebook page. The dress itself is pretty and looks a lot nicer than the stock photos Lavender on their website. This dress as well as the metallic belt has an illumination that the other dresses don’t come with.

Rating: Good

Source: (picture)

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