Julie Tan & Carrie Wong Show Off Their Friendship With Facial Masks

Julie Tan and Carrie Wong may have been competing with each other in a couple of categories for Star Awards 2015, but they share a close friendship both on and off screen. A little over a month ago they had a photo together during the 1st show of the awards and both won a spot in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, which is a first for both actresses. They even shared this happy moment together by agreeing to win All Time Favourite Award together in 9 years!

Recently on Instagram, Julie posted a photo of herself wearing a facial mask with Chinese opera designs and Carrie followed her friend’s advice wearing an animal-like version.

今夜唱的是哪儿一出戏啊~~ #ChineseOperaMask #戲子

A photo posted by Julie Tan 陈欣淇 (@julietan_cxq) on

Finally something good for my worn out face. Thank you my ju ju for the cutie masks ? @julietan_cxq

A photo posted by Carrie Wong 黄思恬 (@carriewst) on

What do you guys think of the masks? Scary or cute?



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