Frequently Asked Questions

1. This is called AsianStarsID but why are there only articles about Singaporean and Korean celebrities?

The site is still new and I am only one person who does everything from the site layouts to writing pieces. I am going with Singaporean and Korean celebrities because that is my interest but over time there will be more categories like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.

2. What is the best way to contact you?

My site email is [email protected]. I am also available on Twitter and Facebook, you can find those links to the right of the home page. Please send me any suggestions or ID tips and I will credit you as well!

3. I know what an Asian celebrity is wearing in an image and you have not posted it? How do I notify you?

My contacts are in Question #2. Send me the image and a link or name of the item, as well as the event name.

4. The item that is identified is wrong.

Email me with a link to the article with the corrected item.

5. How do you go about identifying what celebrities wear?

I just Google it. Most of the times some other site already has an entry or the brand name, other times you can look at the item and describe it on the search bar.

6. Why is there no link to an item for purchase or the full name of the item?

The actual item has not yet been identified and some items are not available for purchase yet.